Functions of ECU and Reasons for its Remapping

The engine control unit plays an important role in giving the necessary power and balance to your car engine. Engine control unit is a device which is utilized for managing the timing of car ignition, the volume of the fuel and other elements need to keep the engine running with good power. Engine control unit can also be termed as engine control module(ECM).  Therefore the engine control module reads the values portrayed in the multidimensional performance maps which help in monitoring the engine performance and its activities on the run. Long ago the fuel, speed, and the ignition timing were regulated by actuators and some mechanical sensors, but today all these tasks are done by the ECU.

Almost all engine control units on the market today, come with the microprocessors which help in handling the sensor data of the engine at the exact time possible. The ECU software normally referred to as firmware is programmed by the use of an updated code hence it will be in a position to provide a sophisticated engine management and a good performance as well.

The engine control unit, on the other hand, needs some remapping which will help in improving the car's performance in any environment. Most people go for the engine control unit remapping in their cars since most manufacturers set some default value to the ECU settings because some countries choose to have lower settings as a law or even due to the climatic and weather conditions. There is no single engine control unit that is installed to perform to its maximum level, and this can be rectified by remapping the control module. Know more about caterpillar 3176 ecm

It can only be possible for you to do your engine control unit remapping after you have made some modifications which include the exhaust, the intake mods and other engine parts needed for the remapping process. All this kind of modifications will be in a position to alter the flow of the car engine and even the air flow to the vehicle fuel ratio. The performance of the fuel tables can be altered if at all you will not do the remapping after such modifications being made. The known and common way for the engine control unit to be modified is through remapping where the skilled person will make use of the flash tool to make necessary edits to the vehicle so that the engine control unit can perform better. Read more about caterpillar ecm repair!